As an accomplished Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager, I bring a variety of skills to any project or role.

These skills include, but are not limited to:

Content Management
As search engine algorithms improve, the importance of unique, compelling content will continue to grow. You need someone who can analyze customer need through a variety of feedback channels, create compelling content for a variety of mediums, direct internal and external content teams, and measure the effectiveness of that content.
HTML Code Optimization
Success requires a strong foundation. HTML comprises the foundation of your web site. Clean, compliant code makes it easy for search engines to interpret your site and helps keep the user experience smooth across a growing number of devices and platforms. A responsive design combines clean HTML, CSS styles, JavaScript interactions, and (for the best experience) server-side code customization that adapts to the operating system, device, or other user information.
Team Management
Effective leaders bridge the gaps between team members, identifying strengths of individual team members and directing team efforts to meet or exceed established goals.
Project Management
If your business is growing, it’s likely that there are dozens of projects running simultaneously at any given time. Effective project management includes watching each project for milestones, budget, and prioritization.
Code Development
HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, JavaScript – the number of coding languages present on a live website may seem endless. Whether working with a programming language like PHP or a formatting language like HTML, you want someone with the knowledge to communicate the needs of user design to a technically oriented code development team.
Cross-team Communication
Communication is the art of creating shared meaning. It can be difficult to gain consensus between marketing, sales, service, engineering, and development teams. I have a track record of bringing various mindsets together to accomplish large, complex projects.

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m open to discussing new contract projects, roles, or consultations.